• Drafting and processing of laws
  • Supervision / Monitoring of prosecution of narcotic cases
  • Rendition of legal advice to all PSs including all Dtes, vetting of comments to be submitted the courts and legal opinion in disciplinary cases
  • Processing of appeals in Criminal matters, Service matters and Writ Petitions
  • Vetting of International Protocols / Agreements
  • Attendance in the High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan in important cases
  • Analysis of court judgments and recommendations for initiating disciplinary action against delinquent Investigating Officers
  • Follow Up of Legislation Process
  • Legal scrutiny of court judgments and rendition of advice for filing appeals
  • To pursue cases for Prosecution
  • Maintenance of conviction data
  • Necessary coord with registrars of special courts (CNS) & appellate courts
  • Miscellaneous legal and administrative work
  • Filing of appeals before Supreme Court of Pakistan
  • Processing of amendments in CNS Act 1997, ANF Act 1997 and drafting of SOPs, notifications and rules

Under Trial Cases (CNS Court)

Ser PS ANF Under Trial Cases
  a.   RD 234
  b.   Peshawar 323
c. Kohat 44
d. DI Khan 42
e. Mansehra 52
Total 695