The treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts can be defined as a journey from drug dependence to a healthy, drug – free lifestyle. The process is long and painful. Addicts need maximum assistance and care to be able to abstain from drugs and to break the addictive cycle, hence the need for comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programmes that conform to the biological, psychological and social needs of individuals. Hence the requirement of a separate specialized and independent centres/hospital for the drug abusing population.

In Pakistan, majority of existing treatment and rehabilitation facilities provide detoxification services only, particularly in the public sector run health facilities, and no rehabilitation programmes exist. All district hospitals are mandated to have one ward exclusively for treatment of drug addicts. These wards however only provide detoxification facilities. Rehabilitation programmes are extremely costly and demand highly motivated people to take care of drug addicts and their particular circumstances. To cater for needs of hundreds of thousands of heroin addicts alone, is beyond the capacity of any organization. Since rehabilitation, particularly in Pakistan, would imply job assessment, job training, job placement, employment etc, the difficulties involved under the given social circumstances are imaginable.

As per section 52 and 53 of CNSA Act 1997 the responsibility for the registration and rehabilitation of drug addicts falls within the purview of the Provincial Government. However to provide quality treatment and meet the growing deficiency of treatment facilities the Anti Narcotics force, has undertaken the following measures:-

  • Setting up of Model Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres: Islamabad, Quetta & Karachi.
  • Two Model Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Centres were established at Islamabad and Quetta.
  • The projects started in July 2004.
  • Both were 20 bedded centres providing free treatment, food, boarding and rehabilitation to drug addicts.
  • Efforts were also made for their job placement.
  • In July 2007 the centres were upgraded to 45 beds.
  • Third Model Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre “ Benazir Shaheed ANF Hospital” has been established on May 2010 at Karachi. It is a 60 bedded hospital.


Drugs free Society through Advocacy, Primary Prevention and Best Practices in Treatment and Rehabilitation.


Ensure best possible service directly and indirectly to reduce the drugs Demand and providing professional support in maintaining the recovery process to prevent the recurring relapse, ensuring reduction of supply.


  • Detoxification and rehabilitation facility to drug addicts.
  • Minimizing the risk of relapse and re-integration of the recovering addicts in the society.
  • Rehabilitation and vocational training to the detoxified addicts.
  • Enabling the addicts to be self reliance.
  • Be the valuable parts of the societal machinery.

Treatment Methodology

Registration Procedure

Following steps will be followed:-

  • Personal appearance at near MATRC with a family member.
  • Availability of CNIC and Photo.
  • Filling of initial detail.
  • Issuing of registration token.

Following baseline tests will be completed:-

  • Blood CP with ESR.
  • Serum urea creatinine.
  • X-ray chest with Report.
  • Urine R/E.
  • HBs. Ag and Anti HCV.

Note: In case of known TB, Cardiac issue, HBs, Ag, Physical Disability, severe surgical issue and patients with psychotic (Schizophrenia, major depression, suicidal tendencies and mentally retarded) are not recommended for admission. They are referred to other hospitals (PIMS or BBH, Rawalpindi)

Following are the requirements for admission:-

  • Phone call on the number provided at the time of registration.
  • Personal appearance with a family member.
  • Checking of the required Lab tests.
  • Photo session.
  • Initial assessment.
  • Informed consent signed by, patient, family, duty staff member and finally the Project Manager.

MATRC -Islamabad
Model Town, Humak
Burji Stop, Kahuta Road
Islamabad, Pakistan
Email Address : [email protected]
Exchange : +92-51-4492079

MATRC – Quetta
House No. 83-A,
Chaman Housing Scheme, Airport Road
Quetta, Pakistan
Email Address : [email protected]
Exchange : +92-81-2820822

MATRC – Karachi
Benazir Shaheed ANF Hospital
Mirpur Road,Layari
Karachi, Pakistan
Email Address : [email protected]
Exchange : +92-21-32532924