The Anti Narcotics Force is a unique organization as it not only deals with interdiction of narcotics but also carries out demand reduction activities. Most of the countries in the world have separate organizations for enforcement measures and for demand reduction. In accordance with the UN Conventions on the subject, the Government of Pakistan has set up a Ministry to deal with the multi dimensional activities associated with the use of illegal drugs.

The Drug Abuse Prevention Resource Centre is one of the two directorates of the Anti Narcotics Force dealing with demand reduction measures since 1998. Previously DDR was a project (from 1988 to 1998) funded by different international donors from time to time i.e European Commission,(1988- 1989), US Aid (1991-1992) and joint E.C./GOP Project (1995-1998) for carrying out the activities of drug demand reduction. Finally it became a part of ANF in 1998.


  • Drug Burning Ceremony.
  • Anti Drug Walks/ Rallies .
  • Anti Drug Drama/ Theater Play.
  • Youth Convention.
  • Youth Ambassadors Recreational Trips.
  • Hajj Campaign
  • Community Awareness Campaign.
  • Debate Competition .
  • Free Medical Camps.
  • ANF – Internship Program .
  • Massive image bldg on Print & E-Media
  • Interview on FM Radio.
  • Workshop, Seminar & Sports Activities.
Year Lectures Distribution of Info Material Sports


Anti Drug Walk Cultural




Awareness / Exh Stall Medical

Camp/ Visits

Total Activities
2019 28 43 11 14 3 13 20 23 155
2020 40 37 5 4 0 11 13 37 147
2021 36 43 6 9 1 22 16 34 167
Total 104 123 22 27 4 46 49 94 469

Drug Burning Ceremony

Seminars/ Lectures conducted by RD ANF KP to raise awareness against the menace of Narcotics use

Anti Drugs Awareness Walks to Sensitize the Masses

Distribution/ Display of Awareness Materials to Sensitize the General Public

Engaging the Youth in healthy sport activities and spread awareness against the Narcotics use

Internship Program for Students & ANF Youth Ambassadors