The age of information has also modified the warfare. Modern warfare is primarily through non-kinetic military action including social engineering, misinformation, cyberattacks, along with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and fully autonomous systems. It is the war of information and perception. Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) are well aware and equipped with modern information and communication technologies. Drug trafficking through non-conventional means is a bigger threat where communication is made on encrypted channels and payments are made through digital currencies (cryptocurrencies).

The abuse of drugs has grown from essentially a local problem into a serious transnational threat to the personal health and safety of masses. Introduction of synthetic drugs, easy manufacturing process and the dangerous effects of these drugs on youth, can damage basic fabric of society to irrecoverable level. Government of Pakistan has taken vast measures to stop the flow and manufacturing of drugs. Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) under Ministry of Narcotics Control, functioning strongly with domestic counterparts and global allies to counter these threats. ANF is functioning through manifold strategy, with focus on actions against illicit drug trafficking, awareness of general public and rehabilitation of addicts.

ANF attains remarkable achievements by noteworthy seizures, busting drug trafficking organizations, conducting controlled delivery operations with international allies, launching poppy eradication operations and drug demand reduction programs. Between the years 2017 and 2021, ANF alone arrested 5,673 accused and 664 tons of narcotics seized.

The treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts from drug dependence to a healthy, drug – free lifestyle. The process is long and painful. Addicts need maximum assistance and care to be able to abstain from drugs and to break the addictive cycle. This enforces the need for separate specialised comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programs that conform to the biological, psychological and social needs of individuals. ANF is maintaining Model Addicts Treatment & Rehabilitation Centres (MATRCs) at Islamabad, Sukkur, Hyderabad and Karachi. 20,770 x patient have been treated in ANF Rehab Centres so far.

It has been a common oversimplification to consider narcotics addiction, or drug abuse, to be a law enforcement problem alone. Effective control of illicit drugs requires the cooperation of many agencies and we believe that together with us parents, older siblings, youth leaders, coaches, and other role models can play a major role in protecting young people from drugs. It’s critical that we all work together to send a clear and consistent message to our young people: Drugs are harmful, dangerous and wrong!

I pay homage to the “Shuhada of ANF”, who laid their lives and sacrificed their today for a better tomorrow of us. I also acknowledge the efforts of ANF personnel who were injured during counter Narcotics Operations and I seek Allah SWT’s refuge from accursed satin.

I am confident that In Sha Allah, ANF will fight against drug menace with extreme professional commitment. We, the ANF fraternity, despite odds and challenges pledge to pursue the assigned mandate with devotion, dedication and commitment.

May Allah be with us.

Director General Anti Narcotics Force
Major General Ghulam Shabbir Narejo.