Drug use is the most serious contemporary challenge which is culturally alien to our society but accelerating on unprecedented scale. Drug trafficking precipitates in drug consumption and drug addiction with immense social consequences. In the name of modernity and embedded cultural superficiality, segments of our society are falling prey to the menace of drugs. New forms of transnational organized crimes are other areas of concern.

Advancement in industrial and information technologies, have added varied dimensions to erstwhile drug smuggling across geographic borders only. As a technological dividend, drug traffickers avoid harvesting illicit crops and producing plant-based drugs by the much cheaper and faster process of chemical synthesis. Similarly drug trade on dark-web through invisible crypto currencies necessitate law enforcement across digital borders.

Pakistan is a poppy free country; however, being located at the crossroads of global narcotics trafficking routes, it is both a transit as well as victim state. Drug trafficking, narco-money laundering and their combined nexus with terrorism provides permissive environment for Grey-Hybrid Conflict (GHC), at play against Pakistan. Therefore for our nation and country, drug trafficking is not only a public health issue, rather it has become a law enforcement and national security challenge. As a society, first tier of response is our moral compass and whole of nation approach that determines national direction to fight drugs.

I take pride in informing that within the broad spectrum of Harm Minimisation to Zero Tolerance against drugs, ANF campaign plan envisages several initiatives and operations, while confirming to international drug policy commitments. Presently, ANF is organizing awareness campaigns, maintaining Model Addicts Treatment & Rehabilitation Centres (MATRCs) across the country, besides conducting a range of operations including, controlled delivery operations with international allies, busting regional and provincial drug trafficking organizations, launching poppy eradication operations and drug demand reduction programs.

We are indebted to the “Shuhada of ANF” who laid their lives in the noble cause of fight against drugs. The supreme sacrifice made by these brave-hearts will act as a beacon in our struggle for a Drug Free Society. I also acknowledge the efforts of all ranks ANF who are maintaining a tight vigil 24/7.

Through undeterred resolve, commitment and resilience, ANF has achieved unprecedented success in the past and I am confident that ANF will continue its fight against drugs with extreme professionalism.

May Allah be our Guide and Protector. Amen.

Director General Anti Narcotics Force
Major General Muhammad Aneeq Ur Rehman Malik HI(M)